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Desktop Applications

Sometimes an off-the-shelf package just won't do and a customised solution is required. I can help you specify the solution you need and then build, deploy and support it.

CMS - A customised Client Management & Invoicing System

I originally wrote this product for a customer, to their requirements, and have since updated it for my own use and that of another customer. The main functions of the system are to record Customer details and generate Invoices. It is a Visual Basic .net program with a SQL Server database.

Membership Database

This was a system written for a national charity to manage their Clients, Members, Fundraisers and Professional Contacts. It is used to record details of all interactions with clients, help put people in contact with similar issues, record fundraising donations and subscriptions. This is a Visual Basic .net program with a SQL Server database.

Rail Wagons Database

A local business who runs a large fleet of railway wagons needed a management system to help them record and plan mandatory maintenance. The system was written in Visual Basic .net with a Microsoft Access Database.

ArboretumDB Suite

See the ArboretumDB page for information.

Reporting Utility for the Accountancy Package IRIS

My accountants needed to produce some rather complicated reports from their IRIS system. I created an extendible program that enables them to produce these reports from a simple interface. Extra report can be plugged into the program via the configuration file. This was written in Visual Basic .net using the IRIS Practice Reporting documentation to a SQL Server database.

Voicemail Management Suite

A local Phone Answering Service had an Avaya Telephone System that recorded out of hours phone calls to its customers. Every morning the staff would listen to these recordings so that they could transcribe the messages to be sent out to the customers via email or sms. Originally it was a difficult process to identify those customers with voicemails which meant sifting through folders on the data server for wav files. Initially the program was designed to automate finding which customers needed to be processed which improved the speed of the morning process. It was later improved to enable the recording to be heard directly from the application by the click of a button.