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Desktop Utilities

I have written a number of automated and time-saving utilities for my customers. Often a considerable time is spent by staff performing repetitive tasks, collecting and displaing data and splitting and reformatting reports.

Samples of utility programs that I have written include:

  • A customised utility to automate desktop backups.
  • A utility to transform a spreadsheet report downloaded from the internet and transform it into a branded pdf document for sending on to customers.
  • A utility to split a large spreadsheet containing data for multiple customers into individual branded pdf documents for sending onto customers.
  • An archiving utility to move daily recorded data files from a server to a Network Storage Device in Daily folders to facilitate finding data in future.
  • A utility to read a system generated word document containing information about missing staff timesheets and email each person a message reminding them, also sending out a management summary.

All of these utilities are small and were inexpensive to commission but have saved hours of work a month and freed up staff to undertake more customer focused work.